Friday, January 31, 2014

Cameo Composite Pano

Recently one of my neighbors booked a photo session with me for her family this fall. She was telling me how much her mother wished they had an updated family photo. It's been over 20 years since the last time they all got together for one. Not an overly large group but big enough I'd really have to crowd them into my studio which happens to function as my living room also lol. I told her I'd come up with something special for her and started thinking on just how I might do that. I had several ideas we could use to pose them all in different scenes out here in our beautiful little Hamlet of Fallis by Lake Wabamun. But what I really wanted was something new and different, something I never seen done before and then it came to me. A tight cameo style shot of the grandparents with the children arranged in their family groups behind and to each side at about 70% scale to the grandparents who of course are the main subjects in this photo. I couldn't wait to explore these ideas and began looking through my recent family portrait shoots and found Deb Fosie's family would work great as my first design trial models in Photoshop and thus the composite idea was incorporated as well in the panoramic style layout.