Monday, August 18, 2014

A Busy Summer

I have a lot of catching up on my blog since I last posted. It's been a wonderful summer so far. We couldn't ask for better weather! Fine art sales at the markets, vacations and photo shoots have pretty much used up all my time this summer. No sign of things slowing up in the near future either. I have more family photo sessions and another wedding plus 2 more summer markets before the end of summer. Well the next wedding is early fall but I expect the fall will be busy too.
My fine art sales did a lot better than I anticipated. I have been continually making trips into Edmonton for more supplies. I'm now buying frames by the case thinking that'll last me till Christmas and I see I have to make another trip to get more frames. It's been a bit of a learning curve with matting and framing my fine art collection but I think I'm developing a method for producing archival quality at an affordable price. At least my customers seem very happy with my prices :). It's now the middle of August and I'm looking at where I might find an outlet for my fine art sales this winter? A little more research in that area and I'm sure I'll turn up something.

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