Friday, September 19, 2014

The Novice Photographers Outdoor Workshop - Wabamun Lake Provincial Park

Join Wildlife Photographer Angela Specht and Fine Art Photographer Reg Faulkner at Wabamun Lake Provincial Park for a 4 hour photo workshop and hike exploring the fundamentals and artistic requirements that make up great photographs. The basic rules of photography will be discussed with hands on applications. Contact Reg or Angela for more details. Date is subject to change.

Local wildlife photographer Angela Specht and I have teamed up and are offering a photo workshop for those who wish to develop their artistic skills and technical abilities to better capture amazing photographs. This first course will cover the time honored rules of composition, rule of thirds, simplicity, leading lines, balance, light and color and other fundamentals of art that a photographer must know to obtain those “wow” images. Our first course will be a hands on photo walk through the trails around the Wabamun Lake Provincial Park requiring about 4 hours of easy walking on the paths and open public areas within the park boundaries. This photographic instructional tour is open to all ages and you’ll not need an expensive camera! Any point and shoot will work even your phone camera can produce amazing images if you know how to use it effectively! Your instructors Reg Faulkner and Angela Specht have several years of experience as award winning photographers specializing in various fields of photography utilizing both the Canon and Nikon camera systems. Reg began his journey into the world of art 50 years ago with art courses offered by the Edmonton Art Gallery in its first home located in a grand old house west of the MacDonald Hotel. His photography experience started in the mid-sixties using his father’s SLR camera with the guidance of a family friend who was also a professional photographer who took him along on tours like this one. Today Reg prefers the digital dark room over the long forgotten smell of chemical emulsions. Both Angela and Reg have teaching backgrounds as well. Angela is currently teaching with the Athabasca University and Reg was an adult education instructor for several years with the Alberta Government as well as the Vancouver Island University developing and delivering community education courses for young adults. Angela has led photo workshops in the past and has a long history of teaching/coaching experience. She has also been a guide for outdoor/environmental education courses and tours. She has inspired many photographers with her amazing wildlife and landscape photography.
Course outlines and handouts will be provided. You will have one on one access to both instructors throughout the workshop and we know you will not only learn new things but will experience the beauty and wonders our local area has to offer. Group size will be limited to a maximum of 8 people in order to provide ample one on one time with both instructors.

Course costs are $50/person.

If your interested please message me or Angela for more details.

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